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Why Education Should Be Privatized

February 26th, 2020 • Share

This is a great example of why I say honesty doesn’t mean not lying. You can tell the truth and still be full of shit.

Castro “came into office” by force and his “massive literacy program” was an extremely effective propaganda machine.

No matter how big their military is, authoritarians are outnumbered, always, and they know they can’t maintain their power through force alone. So they start the mind control tactics when kids are young and helpless.

Castro didn’t hide any of this shit, either. One of the “literacy lessons” was straight up titled “Fidel Is Our Leader”.

Sander’s is not so bold as he appears, though. When pressed, he said he was against authoritarianism, but “truth is truth”. He just didn’t bother to mention that a government-ran literacy program is authoritarianism!

This is why I think education should be privatized. It doesn’t matter who the president is, whoever controls education controls the country, and no one should control the country.

The left (Progressivism) has been winning that battle for about 100 years. Think “economic inequality”, and you’ll see what I mean. The government taught us that shit, taught us to be envious of people who have more than us. America wasn’t like that 150 years ago. We used to admire success in others. Now we hate it.

How did they do it? One way is to redefine concepts like “fairness”. It used to mean “justice”, that we all should get what we deserve, what we earn. Now it means “equality”, that we all deserve an equal amount of everything, regardless of who earned it.

Sound familiar? The former definition is capitalism and the latter one is socialism.

It’s no accident that Sanders used that word — “unfair” — and that he chose literacy to rationalize communism. Who’s against literacy?

He basically said: “Sure. Castro was bad, but he wasn’t all bad. Come on. He deserves the same amount of respect we pay everyone else. That’s the mature way to look at it. Is that a bad thing?”

(What’s the condescending prick emoji?)

Of course, it’s a bad thing. It’s all about education. It’s all about ideas. And if his were any good, he wouldn’t need to trick us into believing them.

We’re all victims of this shit.

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