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PragerU: Does Science Suggest The Existence Of God?

March 15th, 2020 • Share

No. Science doesn’t “suggest” the existence of anything. This video is just the same old religious bullshit masquerading as philosophy while pretending to be backed by scientifically established facts.

Science is simply the study of reality. Has there ever been a study of God? No. The only “proof” of his existence are effects with inexplicable causes.

The Argument From Design is the oldest one there is. We can’t explain some phenomenon, so we imagine an intelligence to alleviate our doubts. History is littered with this kind of nonsense, and it always will be, so long as bad philosophy rules us, because there will always be phenomena that science can’t explain.

What does good philosophy look like regarding this subject? You already know it. It’s simple. Omniscience is impossible. No one can know everything. The Argument From Design requires such an intelligence, therefore it is wrong.

In other words, the logic of the Argument From Design defeats itself. Was God an accident? Doesn’t the Argument From Design apply to anything we can’t explain as random? So if we need God to explain the existence of the universe, then don’t we also need another intelligence to explain the existence of God? And so on…

The real question is: Why does everything need to be explained? Why do we think everything that ever existed had to be caused? It’s just bad logic. It’s called an infinite regress. There simply can’t be a cause for every cause. At some point you must accept as given that existence exists and nonexistence does not exist.

Some people are willing to simply accept the existence of God on faith, without proof or explanation. I’m good with that. That’s none of my business. But don’t pretend you give a shit about the facts when there are none. Don’t say your nonsense is backed by science and logic. That’s worse than claiming God talks to you or that you had some mystic revelation on a mushroom trip. It’s not just relying on faith, it’s an attack on reason itself, the very real power on which human life depends.

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